Petroltecnica has been involved in the maintenance of service stations for the main oil companies since the post-war period. With the purchase by the Pivi brothers, it took the path of environmental protection more intensely. Thanks to the development of innovative technologies, it was established as a leading Italian company in the resolution of environmental damage, accrediting itself as a supplier of the main industrial companies in the sector.




Petroltecnica was founded in Rimini (Italy) by Helmut Hiller, a prisoner of war originally from Leipzig and interned in the nearby town of Cesenatico, who worked as a mechanic. At that time, the company was only involved in the construction and maintenance of fuel stations.


The purchase by the Pivi brothers

The brothers, Peo and Danilo Pivi, took over the previous ownership and immediately developed new areas of work in the field of ecology, remediation and reclamation of polluted land. Well in advance of the expansion of ecological awareness, they positioned themselves in the perspective of environmental regeneration, safety and the circular economy.


The Bruco (Caterpillar) was launched

Petroltecnica continued proposing maintenance interventions in the service stations of the main companies. At the same time, however, it develops an area of research on automation in interventions in a confined environment that would have led to the No Man Entry‚ĄĘ philosophy, still the basis of the company today. The first robot to see the light is the Bruco (Caterpillar) which does not eliminate human intervention but allows operators to clean the tanks of petroleum and chemical products without exposing themselves to poisoning or explosions.


The entry of bioremediation

The first subsoil remediation plant is started up with Bioremediation technology, aimed at reclaiming contaminated land through biodegradation and stimulation of microbial activity. An unprecedented technique that aims to recover the material in place with a view to regeneration and the circular model.


Treatment of oily matrices

The sector is launched aimed at treating and recovering, through a physical process, spent fuel oils and oil-based matrices such as tank sludge, sludge and emulsions.


Soil washing

The advent of Soil washing marks another step towards the adoption of solutions for the remediation of contaminated soils which involves the removal of pollutants from the original matrix and the production of fractions with different granulometry that can be placed on the market as secondary raw material.


The Ostellato (FE) platform opened

Petroltecnica opens the waste treatment plant aimed at recovery. It is authorised for various types of waste classified as "special hazardous" or "special non-hazardous" destined for biological treatment of bioremediation and mechanical treatment.


The Camaleonte (Chameleon) was launched

The series of No Man Entry‚ĄĘ robots continues with Camaleonte, a pneumatically powered device that replaces operators from entering tanks and confined spaces to measure sheet thickness. In the same year, it won the Legambiente "Green Economy" award


Rovereta enters Petroltecnica

The plan to simplify and develop synergies between groups companies begins with the outright acquisition of Rovereta S.r.l. by Petroltecnica S.p.A. becoming its only shareholder


Samis arrived, the Automatic Safety System

The system, supplied by our division of the Environmental Emergency Response, was created by Petroltecnica to intervene promptly suddenly and automatically in cases of spills of petroleum products or harmful substances in waterways, aquifers, ports and industries.


Bioremediation and soil washing in Gela

The most recent special waste treatment platform built by Petroltecnica is located within the Petrochemical site of Gela (CL). A project strongly desired by the owners who adhered to an "Exploratory notice for the expression of interest in the implementation of industrial initiatives on areas now owned by Raffineria di Gela SpA", aimed at the reclamation of areas no longer operational. To date, the bioremediation and soil washing treatment lines are active.


SM&S entered Petroltecnica

The plan to simplify and develop the synergies between the companies of the Petroltecnica spa group continues with the acquisition of the SM&S business unit. At the base of this choice, there is the need to optimise resources to maintain a high-quality standard of the services provided, through a company acquisition which also formally sanctioned the long-term collaboration that has always characterised the two companies.

Waste treatment platforms
Patented technologies
Years of experience
Average tons of land reclaimed/year
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The Petroltecnica identity card



A head office in Rimini, five operational offices in different regions with personnel ready to intervene in the field


Three waste treatment platforms in strategic areas, with a view to the circular economy with a short supply chain


Technical and professional skills in the strategic sectors of remediation for the maximum satisfaction of our customers


Eight patents at the service of prevention and regeneration. Innovation, thanks to the Research and Development sector, continues ...


Eight patents at the service of prevention and regeneration. Innovation, thanks to the Research and Development sector, continues ...