Meetings of the Mediterranean

The Meetings of the Mediterranean, which have been held continuously since 2002, with the aim of promoting knowledge, comparison and dialogue, were born in response to the clash of civilizations predicated by many as inevitable in the aftermath of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York, in September 2001.

“If pacified, the Mediterranean can truly become the brightest space on Earth” claimed Giorgio la Pira on 22 February 1958, in his incessant call for dialogue and peace.

The Mediterranean as a meeting place between different peoples and cultures and as a space for dialogue between faiths and distant histories still remains today an extremely topical and important objective.

The Encounters of the Mediterranean want to continue this path, addressing and discussing the numerous issues that are stirring between the two shores of this great sea. In the belief that the search for meeting points is preferable to the prospect of conflict, or worse, war.

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