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Environmental education

The basic idea for the project could be defined as two basic concepts:: Acquire awareness of the costs in terms of labour and resources to remedy human damage to the environment; Educating to consume less. The message we are trying to convey, from the point of view of a company that operates in environmental services,

Adriano Olivetti

Petroltecnica celebrated the figure of the visionary entrepreneur Adriano Olivetti in June 2010, 50 years after his death. Born on 11 April 1901, in Ivrea, Adriano Olivetti, industrialist but also intellectual, urban planner and publisher, died at 59 on 27 February 1960, after having spent a lifetime trying to combine the logic and successes of

Scavo Ponte della Madonna (1)

Our significant intervention on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines

Following the evacuation of the Pavana Dam near Porretta Terme (Bologna, Italy), in the Alto Reno Valley, significant quantities of silt and mud were released into the river. The consequence of this event was an anomalous and huge death of fish. As part of the framework contract for emergencies, we have been activated for the

Bolivian Amazon rainforest, Ukamau forest in Ixiamas

Petroltecnica has started the project to create a protected forest in the Bolivian pampas, near the famous Madidi Park, on a total area of 300 hectares, with an absorbed CO2 equal to 62,021 tCO2/year. The initial objective was to generate carbon credits and, subsequently, to use the planted timber, contributing to the correct maintenance of

Petroltecnica at Remtech

Petroltecnica at Remtech 2020, in a digital environment

Petroltecnica and Rovereta participated in a truly unusual edition of “RemTech”, the international event specialised in the protection and sustainable development of the territory, which is held every year in Ferrara and for this edition was held entirely on a digital platform from 21 to 25 September. AWe managed a virtual stand (Exhibition Digital Room)

Art company

At the end of the 2010s, it seemed a positive and trusting sign to organise periodic art exhibitions in the company: painting, sculpture, photography, video, installations. In this way, we set ourselves in contrast with the behaviour that was unfortunately common in those years in the public and private sector, of cutting culture as “unnecessary

Il progetto di Petroltecnica per il recupero di rifiuti sui fiumi

Also this year Petroltecnica at “Incontri del Mediterraneo” (Meetings of the Mediterranean)

For numerous years we have been partners of the cultural event ‚ÄúIncontri del Mediterraneo‚ÄĚ, in line with our desire to support projects and activities in the sectors of Solidarity and Peace, the Environment and Culture. This is an annual event, now in its 18th edition, where conferences, meetings, screenings and insights, aim to promote the

Meetings of the Mediterranean

The Meetings of the Mediterranean, which have been held continuously since 2002, with the aim of promoting knowledge, comparison and dialogue, were born in response to the clash of civilizations predicated by many as inevitable in the aftermath of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York, in September 2001. “If pacified, the Mediterranean